Extra-Curricular Activities

At the heart of our ambition for Rosetta Primary School is our commitment to providing the very best for all children to enjoy and achieve. This includes having the widest possible range of opportunities both within and beyond the curriculum. We offer extra-curricular opportunities through various types of provision delivered by school staff, external providers and independent clubs – all with a view to increasing the range of experiences that the children have, enabling them to make informed choices for adult life. Activities are designed to be educational, fun and cater for a wide variety of interests.

We want to offer the scope for each and every child to find a passion, develop a talent, spark an interest or simply find pleasure in doing an activity with others. After-school clubs are a fantastic way of achieving this and we are excited to offer a wide range of clubs from singing and art, to hockey and cheerleading, computing and Forest School. 

Aims and Objectives

Participation in clubs:

  • Enables children to sample and enjoy a range of activities and pursuits that will help them choose leisure activities in adult life.
  • Enables children to experience activities that they may not otherwise encounter, and acquire and develop new and existing skills.
  • Helps build confidence, well-being and creativity.
  • Encourages children to develop friendships between age groups and work together co-operatively.

After School Clubs

The after school clubs run from 3:30pm to 4:30pm each day, except Friday. The children attending an after school club go straight from their lessons at the end of the day to the particular club, so there is no need for a parent or carer to attend until 4:30pm on that day, when the club finishes. 

Parents are asked to sign their children up for After School Club sessions at the end of each term for the following term. Parents will be notified of the need to do this in a letter or the fortnightly newsletter.

If you are interested in any of the after school activities below then please see Miss Sharpe or Miss Phillips.

Collection of Children after Clubs

  • Activities are planned for the full duration of a Club; sessions will often end with some ‘tidy-up’ time, therefore parents are asked not to collect their child early unless it is pre-arranged or in exceptional circumstances.
  • Parents/Carers should ensure they collect their children promptly at 4.30pm at the end of an after-school club. The children are taken to the KS2 playground after their club for collection by parents/carers.
  • Children who are not collected on time will be taken to the school office.
  • If children are routinely collected late from a club, parents will be contacted to discuss the situation. Continued late pick-up may result in a parent being informed that their child is unable to attend a club. 

Charges for Clubs

  • The cost of clubs is kept to a minimum to ensure access for all children.
  • Clubs run by school staff are free of charge – the only exception to this would be to cover the cost of any consumable items; children are expected to bring the ingredients they need for cooking sessions into school, for example.
  • The school can help with the cost of a club for children for whom Pupil Premium funding is received. Parents should speak with Mrs Tunnicliff or a member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).
  • We are able to cover the costs of some clubs and activities using the Sports’ Premium.
  • Any parent who would like their child to attend a club but is unable to meet the financial cost can approach the school and their request will be considered sympathetically; the school may be able to offer support.
  • Outside providers of clubs operate their own charging policies. In some cases a subsidy might be made available at the discretion of the School.
  • Where outside providers are charging parents, the costs to be incurred will be made clear before parents agree to children attending the club.

Code of Behaviour

Expectations reflect our school policy on behaviour. Consequences for poor behaviour are in line with school policy and procedures. Persistent poor behaviour will result in a discussion between Mrs Pool and the child's Phase Leader, whereupon a child may be suspended from a club for one week pending a review and in serious cases, the offer of a place at Breakfast Club or After School Club may be withdrawn.

Rosetta Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is run by Mrs Patrick, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs May and Mrs Mann in the dining hall, from 7.45am to 8.30am daily (with the last serving at 8.20am). We team up with Magic Breakfast to provide healthy breakfasts to any pupils that want it. All of the breakfasts are £1, and include wholemeal bagels, eggs, beans, and healthy wholegrain low sugar cereals (such as shreddies, porridge oats and cornflakes).
Allergy advice for NY Bagels

Local Community

At Rosetta we try to be involved in the community as much as possible. The pupils of Rosetta have been involved in events such as Litter Picking, visiting a nursing home to sing Christmas carols and Choir performances at local events. We arrange Educational Visits within our local community, and the pupils of Rosetta with Special Educational Needs take part in regular visits to community facilities such as the Library and local shops. All pupils of the school regularly use the park to enhance their learning.

Parent Learning Workshops

Each term you will be invited to a variety of workshops that have been suggested by teaching staff and Subject Leaders, and proposed by parents. Previous workshops include core subjects (English and Maths), SEN Sensory, British Values, Internet Safety, Community Events/News and many more. The workshops offer an opportunity to receive information on how to help your child with their learning, as well as providing an opportunity for parents to ask questions and discuss ideas with other parents and staff members. At Rosetta we really value the opinion of our parents, and hope to grow and maintain our working relationship in order to support the children of Rosetta fully.

Parental Involvement

At Rosetta we like to involve parents in their children's learning as much as possible; we hold annual events and workshops for parent to join in with. Some of these events include Music Festival Week, Religious Activity workshops (e.g. Eid celebration), and Enterprise Day. In addition to joining in with their childrens' learning, parents that attend the Parent Learning Workshops often bake cakes and get involved in the running of part of some events. If you would like to become more involved in future events, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Tunnicliff (Teacher and Community Cohesion Lead) or Denise Evans-Barr (parent at Rosetta). We would appreciate any help with large events.