Other Curriculum Areas

Physical Education

At Rosetta we teach a variety of sports that give the children a range of exciting experiences and challenges. Most of these sports are taught within the Physical Education (PE) curriculum. In PE we teach dance, gymnastics, invasion games, swimming and Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (OAA). During PE lessons we focus on the children’s ABCS (Agility, Co-ordination, Balance and Speed) to give children the best platform to pursue their aspirations in any area of sport.

We incorporate passion, teamwork and self-belief into our PE curriculum in order to ensure that the pupils are inspired, engaged and motivated in all their PE lessons.     

Below is our PE curriculum overview which details what is taught within our PE curriculum for each year group across the academic year.



Each year, Years 4, 5 and 6 get to experience a 2 week block of daily 1 hour swimming lessons at the Aquatic Centre in the Olympic Park. The children are able to use the best facilities and have the benefit of continuity of swimming teachers and lessons to have the best opportunity to gain water confidence and to learn to swim 25 metres. School staff do not teach swimming to the children, but do contribute to the teaching of water safety.

Sport Leaders

Rosetta has three appointed Sport Leaders that extend the PE curriculum into the playground and deliver high quality PE sessions within out PPA provsions. With our new bright and stimulating playground, the children enjoy an exciting and safe environment at break times, lunchtimes and during after school clubs.

The Sport Leaders organise football competitions between year groups each term. They also organise a range of different sporting competitions throughout the year. The competitions we offer range from Olympic sports to traditional sports e.g. football, rounders, netball etc.

School Teams

Our PE Subject Leader,  and other subject leaders, teachers, coaches and teaching assistants  work across the whole school with different teams to give as many children as possible the opportunity to experience competitive sport against other schools.             

We represent our school through many teams at games and tournaments at various levels, which have been very successful.  Our teams that compete against other schools are: Cricket, Netball, Football, Tag-Rugby, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Girls Football, Hockey and Athletics

Each team is supported by our after-school clubs that are run by trained coaches and ensure the children experience competitive sport as well as have fun. We also encourage the children to use their sporting talent to join clubs in the local area. Some of the clubs the children have joined from Rosetta are: Youngbloods Basketball, WHU Kickz Project (Football), Tigers Football Club, Royal Falcons Football Club, Genesis Futsal Club, NASSA (Basketball), East London Gymnastics Club, Newham and Essex Beagles (Athletics), Ascension Eagles Cheerleading Club and Rippleway Football Club.

 If you have any further questions about the school's PE curriculum or our sporting provisions then please see our PE subject leader, Miss Kennedy, who will happily answer any queries you may have.


At Rosetta, we believe that Computing is an integral part of the future and that it plays a vital role in our children's learning.  Therefore, to ensure that our children's skills and knowledge develops accordingly with national expectations, we teach Computing discretely as well as using it to aid and enhance children's learning and enquiry in all other curriculum areas.

Our school is well equipped and resourced; every classroom has an interactive whiteboard, class sets of laptops are available for classes to use within the classroom, and we have our very own Techzone, which is a dedicated area for teaching Computing to whole classes.  We have a wide range of up-to-date technology for the daily use of students and staff, in order to aid the children's development and understanding in modern technology and its uses, preparing them for a world where technology plays an integral role in daily work and life.

As E-safety is a growing concern, every year group is taught e-safety and basic computer skills at the beginning of each academic year.  We teach them how to stay safe online and what they should do if the ever feel unsafe when using the internet.  At Rosetta we take e-safety very seriously and we ensure that after it is taught, it is also regularly referred back to throughout the year.  Our internet access is also set up with the necessary blocks to ensure that children are protected by not able to access or view inappropriate content.

If you have any further questions regarding the school's Computing curriculum then please see our Computing subject leader, Mr Muchimba, who will gladly answer and queries you may have.

Below is our Computing curriculum overview which details what is taught within our Computing curriculum for each year group across the academic year.


Within our Religious Education teaching, we ensure that our pupils learn to respect and understand the different religious views that people around the world may have.  We follow the Newham agreed RE syllabus to deliver these important messages and learning experiences so that we can contribute to a peaceful and tolerant society which celebrates and respects others' beliefs.

Below is our RE curriculum overview which details what is taught within our RE curriculum for each year group across the academic year.


PSHCE lessons at Rosetta give children the opportunity to discuss issues which may cause them concern e.g. bullying, making friends, feeling good about themselves, making the right choices, and how their bodies may change as they get older.  These topics are discussed with the class and dealt with sensitively by the teacher in order to support those that may be affected by the issues.  These lessons help to prepare our children for adulthood, helps them to understand themselves and others, as well as helps them to grow into well rounded citizens.

Below is our PSHCE curriculum overview which details what is taught within our PSHCE curriculum for each year group across the academic year.


Languages (Mandarin)

At Rosetta, children are provided with the opportunity to learn one of the worlds most valued languages: Mandarin. They are able to explore a fascinating new culture and understand the importance of respecting and appreciating the variety of differences between the Chinese and British culture which is done through a range of practical activities. These engaging lessons allow children to develop their conversational skills and oracy; most children can hold conversations and greet their peers in Mandarin, as well as learning a variety of everyday phrases and learning how to write the different characters.