Rosetta Curriculum Vision

We provide our children with an engaging, exciting and empowering curriculum that equips them for today and tomorrow.

At Rosetta we aim to equip all our children with the knowledge and skills to become responsible global citizens who positively contribute to and collaborate in the world today as well as preparing them for the future.

We have written our curriculum with our Rosetta pupils in mind. It has been carefully thought through and sequenced and has evolved and developed over time using the expertise of our teachers at all levels in order to encompass depth and breadth of subject knowledge, maximise progress in learning, develop a range of skills and enable all of our pupils to become confident and creative learners as they move through the school. 

Through an increasingly cognitively complex curriculum, our aim is to endow our children with the deepening of previously acquired knowledge and the acquisition of new knowledge which will provide them with the foundation to be able to achieve the very best that they are capable of.

One aspect of our curriculum that stands us apart from many other schools is that each module of learning will start with a big question about the module. Over the course of the module,  the pupils will gain subject specific knowledge and develop subject specific skills that will allow our pupils to answer the big question. We have also thought very carefully about incorporating  recent and relevant issues in the world today as well as teaching strategies to enable them to maintain positive mental, physical and emotional well-being. Links across subjects are present where appropriate,  so pupils can connect ideas and concepts in their learning in a logical and systematic manner.  For each year group, every subject and module has detailed curriculum sequencing.  Please click on the Year Group Curriculum Handbooks below for further information about the content of our curriculum.

Curriculum Handbooks

The curriculum books below details what the pupils in each year group will be learning about across the year.

EYFS Curriculum

Rosetta RSE Policy

Newham Borough RSE Consultation

Year 1 Curriculum

Year 1 RSE

Year 2 Curriculum

Year 2 RSE

Year 3 Curriculum

Year 3 RSE

Year 4 Curriculum

Year 4 RSE

Year 5 Curriculum

Year 5 RSE

Year 6 Curriculum

 Year 6 RSE