Welcome to Reception!

Here in Reception we aim to provide a happy, warm, caring, safe and stimulating environment. Our aim is to enable all the children to feel a sense of belonging and to develop their learning in order to prepare them for Key Stage 1.

Our daily routine consists of a range of adult focused and child initiated activities, both indoors and outdoors.

These activities are planned using the seven areas of learning as set out by Foundation Stage Curriculum Guidance.

These areas are the prime areas:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

In this area we aim to develop children's social interaction with each other and to have respect for themselves, their peers and adults. Children are given lots of time to share resources and think about the need for harmony and joint decision making.

Communication and Language

This area involves speaking, listening and understanding. We encourage and support the children to develop their vocabulary through imaginative play. We also share a variety of books with the children to develop their listening and language skills. Children are provided with experiences which encourage positive interactions with both their peers and adults.

Physical Development

This area is about developing children's gross and fine motor movements and skills. Our outdoor learning area provides a variety of opportunities to move safely and in confidence around, under, over and through the climbing equipment while having fun. In PE children participate in termly units of gymnastics, dance and games to develop a broad range of skills. We also discuss the importance of keeping healthy and the factors that contribute to good health.

These are the specific areas:

Reading and Writing

Throughout the year the children learn about the sounds letters make. We then encourage them to use this knowledge in their reading and writing. We teach the children to blend these sounds together to read words and separate them for spelling. We give the children every opportunity to use their developing phonic skills within the independent learning, e.g. They write shopping lists and menus in the role play, write their name on a list to have a turn on equipment, and we provide mark making opportunities with sticks in sand, paintbrushes, fingers in messy play etc.

Numeracy and Shape, Space and Measure

We provide children with a variety of resources to encourage and develop their mathematical skills. We are currently using apparatus known as Numicon to help children develop a good understanding of number. They gain lots of opportunities to acquire reasoning skills and a knowledge of numbers and shapes through using construction materials, working with numbers to 20 and beyond, 2D and 3D shapes.

Understanding of the World

In this area we talk about different cultures and the different countries we are all from. We learn about our local area and talk about the things we like and dislike in our surroundings. We teach them a knowledge of our geographical location in the world. We learn about communication technology using computers, programmable toys, tape recorders and microphones. We also discuss our family and events that have happened in the past. We love cooking, so expect some delicious treats coming your way!

Expressive Arts and Design

We have fun by making things using different materials, painting, modelling, printing. We also enjoy using musical instruments and acting out stories that we have learnt. We always love dressing up and working with lots of different medium to develop our creative side.

How you can help at home!

Each week a maths based homework and one designed to help develop the memory will be put onto the website. We will also send a handwriting/spelling book home so you can practise letter formation or spelling high frequency words with your child. This homework will be along side reading and discussing a book every night. There may also be project work to do with our 'Big Idea' that you can do with your child at home. Sometimes your child may bring home their Learning Journey! Please feel free to add any photo's, pictures or other bits that they can then share with their teacher and friends.

If you have any questions about the Reception classes, please see Mrs Mathews, the Reception Year Group Leader or any of the other Reception teachers.