Great learning, great teaching, great fun!

At Rosetta, we have written our own curriculum which we know is relevant and exciting for our children whilst at the same time enabling them to gain the skills they need in order to be happy and successful during their time at Rosetta but also equipping them to move on to the next stage in their education.

We have used the National Curriculum to write our very own topic based curriculum. Therefore instead of teaching the content of the National Curriculum discretely, we have grouped related learning from all subjects, into a fun and interesting topic.  By linking the children’s learning and making it cross curricular, we are able to ensure that it is always an engaging, meaningful and exciting curriculum for all of our pupils.

The children’s learning is centered on an interesting topic name, such as, “Sail Away”.  Within the topic the children will learn about and experience: the properties and uses of everyday materials in Science; Christopher Columbus and pirates in History; follow pirate treasure maps and begin to learn the 7 continents and 5 oceans in Geography; and within Design and Technology they will use their knowledge of everyday materials from their Science learning, to design and make a boat using suitable materials.

Our curriculum topics link Science, History, Geography, Art & Design, Music, and Design & Technology, within one exciting topic. When possible, Computing, PE, RE, French(KS2) and PSHCE are linked to the curriculum topics, although this cannot always be done.  In addition, although our English learning is based around a given text, on occasions and when relevant, our English learning may be linked to our curriculum topic as well.  For instance, within the “Sail Away” topic, for an English lesson, we may write instructions to navigate our pirate treasure maps, or write an imaginative and exciting story of our very own pirate adventures.

We have found that by grouping and linking learning in this way, children are more eager to learn and are more excited about learning; they are excited to find out what they will be learning or experiencing each day; and they are better able to contextualise their learning. Our teachers have even commented on how much they have enjoyed teaching our new curriculum to their classes, saying that it has reinvigorated their love of teaching.

We aim that the curriculum at Rosetta not only teaches our children the knowledge and wonders that the world holds, past and present; but we aim for it to also prepare our children for the future, teaching them thinking skills, how to learn, how to access information, and how to apply their knowledge and skills to their everyday lives.

Curriculum Long Term Planning

The curriculum long term planning below details what the pupils in each year group will be learning about across the year.

End of year expectations - National Curriculum 2014

Details about the expectations for what pupils should learn about and be able to demonstrate by the end of the year in their work for each subject are available below.