Homework is important. It enables parents and carers to learn more about what their children are learning about at school and for children to further develop their skills that they have learned at school or prepare for future learning.

We hope that the children at Rosetta can share their reading with someone at home on a daily basis. Reading is a key skill that all children need to develop if they are to do as well as they possibly can at school and in life.

In addition the children are also given regular homework which includes learning spellings, English and Mathematics work. The work that your child is given is differentiated dependent on their age and ability. Please check that your child completes their homework and returns it to school on time. 

The document entitled 'Homework Policy Information for Parents and Carers' (which is downloadable below) provides lots more information about homework at Rosetta and further ideas about what you can do as parents and carers to support your child's learning.

Please see your child's class teacher if you have any concerns about your child's reading or homework.